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hey gal pals i'm new oh gad


1) Name: Grace
2) Age:14
3) Top 5 favorite Bands:blink 182, counting crows, the postal service,brand new and the spice girls
4) Top 5 favorite movies: The Return of the King


Moulin Rouge


The Notebook

5) Have you ever taken an Art class? yeah dude in elementary school
6) What's your favorite ANIMAL? i like cats but whales are also pretty breath taking
7) What's your favorite color?: pink
8) If you were on a Stranded Island, and the only way you could get back home, was riding a Killer Whale.. would you do it? usdufgdf yeah this question made me laugh REALLY hard.  
9) What do you think of the band Brand New? I love love love them. They are one of my favorites because they are different
10) If your house was on fire, and you could only get 7 things, what would they be?

my cat

my cell phone

my mam

my dad

pork chaps and apple sace

my disco ball for emergency techo parties

11) What are you wearing RIGHHT NOW? a gap layered tee shirt that is kind of gathered on the collar and some jeans
12) What are your views on homosexuality? That is how you were made. Just like you have brown or blonde hair. It is just part of you.
13) TELL THE TRUTH ONE THIS ONE. what is your favorite SNACK?]

my favorite snack is goat cheese and iced tea only because it is delish.
14) do you think we are hot shit? sometimes

hey there is me and my cat is included


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