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1) Name: Caroline
2) Age: 17
3) Top 5 favorite Bands: oh my god I don't know! No Doubt, Bush, Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, Alanis Morissette. But you know how diverse my cd collection is...
4) Top 5 favorite movies: Requiem for a Dream, Vanilla Sky, Pi, Fight Club, American Beauty, High Art
5) Have you ever taken an Art class? yes, like 15 different ones, do you want a list? no. ok. well i've taken them since 2nd grade...
6) What's your favorite ANIMAL? MY DOGGIE!! hehe just kidding. horses and whales. and my doggie!
7) What's your favorite color?: purple. pink. black.
8) If you were on a Stranded Island, and the only way you could get back home, was riding a Killer Whale.. would you do it? hell yeah
9) What do you think of the band Brand New? um, we've been through this, i haven't really heard enough of their stuff to have an opinion...
10) If your house was on fire, and you could only get 7 things, what would they be?
1)my journals
2)my dog
3)my pictures
4)my purse (which is my money & cell phone)
5)my room (because it's relaly cool and i worked a lot to re-do it last year)
6)some food
7)uhh uhhh how about the tv and dvd or the rest of the house...?

11) What are you wearing RIGHHT NOW? wow, you should have asked this after 12... hehe... no um, the purple shorts i got from goodwill & a really big t-shirt i got free... oh and some raspberry tea
12) What are your views on homosexuality? ha, like you have to ask!! (and if you don't know, i'm really really gonna worry)
13) TELL THE TRUTH ONE THIS ONE. what is your favorite SNACK?] those snackwell's devils food cookies or starcrunch... or... well, if you want the TRUTH... i can't say that.
14) do you think we are hot shit? haha yeah. sure. whatever. (just kidding! i love ya'll!)

OH MY GOD you haven't seen the BREAKFAST CLUB? Kathleen!!! Ok, this is our list (for safekeeping, ha): High Art, The Breakfast Club, Bowling for Columbine, American Beauty

oh, and I'm already in this so... what's the point of an application? :P

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