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1) Name: ticky
2) Age: 14
3) Top 5 favorite Bands: the postal service, tsunami bomb, pedro the lion, deathcab for cutie, modest mouse... OH and jewel.
4) Top 5 favorite movies: titanic, fast time at ridgemont high, requiem for a dream, cruel intentions, to kill a mockingbird, and girl, interrupted
5) Have you ever taken an Art class? yeeah 3 of them
6) What's your favorite ANIMAL? cat
7) What's your favorite color?:blue, no shit.
8) If you were on a Stranded Island, and the only way you could get back home, was riding a Killer Whale.. would you do it? NO WAY...psyche! yeah dude
9) What do you think of the band Brand New? they are fucking awesome.
10) If your house was on fire, and you could only get 7 things, what would they be?

1. beary, 2. my cd's, 3. my wallet, 4. rugby, 5. my journal, 6. my guitar, 7. MY HOUSE. DUH. well no. my box of cool things.

11) What are you wearing RIGHHT NOW? a black stretchy tanktop and some brown shorts. they are nice.
12) What are your views on homosexuality? i have no problem with it whatsoever, everyone i know who is homosexual is totally awesome.
13) TELL THE TRUTH ON THIS ONE. what is your favorite SNACK?] ramen
14) do you think we are hot shit? FUCKKKA YEa

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