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1) Name:Keely Elizabeth McCole
2) Age: 15 about to be 16
3) Top 5 favorite Bands: Catch 22, Operation Ivy, Modest Mouse, Rancid, Blink 182, The Distillers
4) Top 5 favorite movies: Cabin Fever, The Ring, Dazed and Confused, Titanic, 200 Cigarettes
5) Have you ever taken an Art class? yes back in elementary skool if that counts
6) What's your favorite ANIMAL?
7) What's your favorite color?:green
8) If you were on a Stranded Island, and the only way you could get back home, was riding a Killer Whale.. would you do it? hell yeah bitchass!! id pick bone though
9) What do you think of the band Brand New? i love them i think the cd's 'your fav. weapon' and 'deja entendu' are the best!
10) If your house was on fire, and you could only get 7 things, what would they be? bass
2.maybe rudy im not sure haha pictures of all my friends and shit cd's cd player
6.i guess my whale
7.some hot pockets haha
11) What are you wearing RIGHHT NOW? striped shirt, black dickies, and some under wear and a bra. DUH
12) What are your views on homosexuality? well, im not homosexual but i mean i dont have a problem with it in most cases in less its like really gross chick ass to ass sex.
13) TELL THE TRUTH ONE THIS ONE. what is your favorite SNACK?]haha fudge rounds
14) do you think we are hot shit? of course i DO
now here's my whale picture ill draw another one later maybe of something else

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